The logo of Deaf Australian Inc features 4 hands placed palm to tip of finger around a circle in green and blue. The words Deaf Australia Inc are placed to the right.

Deaf Australia is the national peak advocacy and information organisation in Australia for Deaf people who are bilingual – using both English and Auslan (Australian Sign Language).

They work with the understanding that many Deaf Australians have varying degrees of fluency in both Auslan and English, but primarily use Auslan as their native or preferred language. Deaf Australia advises government, industry, and service providers about the needs and views of Deaf people, and works to improve Deaf people’s access in a range of areas. Deaf Australia is a not-for-profit organisation.

Their ideal world is one where:

Deaf people are respected and fully included in the Australian community and the right to use Auslan is legally recognised.

As part of this recognition, Deaf Australia believes it is crucial to acknowledge and reflect on the cultural history of their community, which is influenced through exploring their ownership of their language and identity.  For this reason, they are proud to be given the opportunity to host the 10th Deaf History International Conference.

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